Hedgehog’s Home

Hedgehog’s Home

We are proud to announce that you will have chance to see two screenings of beautiful short movie Hedgehog’s Home. Exquisitely directed by Eva Cvijanović, Hedgehog’s Home is a warm and universal tale for young and old that reminds us there truly is no place like home. Hedgehog’s Home will be screened on Saturday, 30.9, 11:00AM and on Sunday, 1.10, 9:30PM! About movie: In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. He is respected and envied by the other animals. However, Hedgehog’s unwavering devotion to his home annoys a quartet of insatiable beasts. Together, they march off towards Hedgehog’s

Benjamin Cantu

Benjamin Cantu in Cavtat

Benjamin Cantu, director and producer with Berlin address is going to join us in Cavtat to show his award-winning film “Because of Who I Am” (collaboration with producer Nils Bökamp) and discuss about it. Benjamin was this years Berlinale selector in category Generation14PLUS. About film: How loud, provocative and risk-taking must art be to trigger change? A restless film about queer artists, performers and visual activists who raise their voices in some of the world’s most homophobic places.

SIMKA at Unseen festival

We are happy to share with you that this year, during Unseen festival, you will be able to meet SIMKA – visual duo from Sweden who combine their knowledge and skill from visual art, set design and landscape architecture. SIMKA is cooperation project between two visal artists, Simon Häggblom and Karin Lind. Their artistic activities are investigation and formation of different spaces and sites for human interaction. At Unseen Festival this year, there will be projections of their visual projects as well as workshop.

Cooperation – DOKUFEST (Prizren) i RESTART (Zagreb)

September 29th, within the discursive program, we will host director Igor Bezinović, winner of this year’s Golden Arena for the Best Movie, as well as a multi-year educator at Restart‘s School of Documentary Film. We will talk about methods of out-of-institutional and amateur artistry of young authors, and you will have the opportunity to see selection of Restart School productions. On the same day, we have a great honor to work with one of the more successful festivals in this area – DokuFest from Prizren, Kosovo. We will be visited by: Linda Llulla Gashi, Program Leader Future is here Alba


Jury decided! Take a look which films are going to be shown in one part of program on beautiful Cavtat outdoor locations; on first edition of Unseen, mini film festival:</br></br> Samo Guraj/Just Push; 2016., d: Arnes Hamzić, BiH</br></br> Revolucionarni dom/ Revolutionary Home; 2016. d: Sead Šabotić, Montenegro</br></br> Bernard sau Limitele Construcției/ Bernard or The Limits of Construction; 2016. d: Cristian Drăgan, Romania</br></br> I know you are but what am I?; 2016. r: Nađa Sinić, BiH</br></br> Quiero decirte/ I Would Like To Tell You, 2017., d: Stefan M. Mladenovic, Srbia</br></br> Jump cut, 2017. d: Rumen Russev & Vassil Kotzev, Bulgaria</br></br> Eho;