Mini-journey through subversive images, words and deeds

French philosopher Geoffroy de Lagasnerie wonders how to think in a world that is characterized by daily violence and exploitation. We could paraphrase his dilemma into “how to do film festivals in a bad world”. There have never been more film festivals. As I write this text, their numbers are estimated at nearly ten thousand events worldwide. Unfortunately, most of them follow market and neo-imperialist logic where selection and branding go hand in hand, and the motto is constant expansion. Mediocrity has become the main aesthetic standard – to risk nothing, to question anything, to cultivate maximum aesthetic and political

UN-WAR Space

One-day exhibition opening and site-specific meeting UN-WAR SPACE Architect Armina Pilav in collaboration with artist Servet Cihangiroğlu Saturday, 5.10. 2019 21:00 Meeting Point: in front of Dom Kulture The exhibition is organized by the Unseen Festival We will be walking with Armin Pilav, architect and researcher, and Servet Cihangiroğlu, an intermedia artist living on the Sirnak – Paris route. In addition to presenting their work on Un-war space, Armina and Servet will create a site-specific encounter that proposes the processes of transformation of violence that is still present in our region, in the form of spatial and social trauma, which

Nomad in Cavtat

We are pleased to announce that this year during Unseen from 1.10. in Cavtat we are welcoming NOMAD Dubrovnik, a temporary mobile pavilion, which will be available for free to anyone. NOMAD Pavilion moves through open city areas with the aim of cultivating and promoting the non-commercial use of public space. We really look forward to watching movies with NOMAD! The Nomad project is organized by the PLACA association – a collective for space research. The project started in 2016, and through 2017 it has set been up in five locations, one of which was at Pustijerna organized by the

Introducing – VAC and Vizantrop

The School of Visual Anthropology was launched in 2011 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, with the support of Professor Slobodan Naumovic, the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, the Vega Youth Center, the Institute for the Study of Cultural Development, and many other institutions and organizations aimed at popularizing the visual anthropology in Serbia. Some of the films of the School of Visual Anthropology have won awards at domestic festivals and participated in numerous European ethno film festivals, film screenings and conferences (International Ethnographic Film Festival in Belgrade, Ethnographic Film Days in Ljubljana, Ethnocineca in Vienna, Ethnographic Film Days in

A small festival with great ambitions

The Unseen Festival has reached its third edition. From October 2-6 this year, projections of the new edition of Unseen will take place at various locations in Cavtat, in several festival programs. As in previous years, the selection of films by young authors who answered our public call last spring is central to the program. We are also continuing our cooperation with other festivals in Croatia and the region, which is bringing us Zagreb Subversive Film Festival and a selection of films from their program this year, selected by curator Dina Pokrajac. We will also host a selection of films