The Centre for Drama Arts has grown out of the necessity to break through the monotony and artificial tempo of the Croatian performing arts scene. The established theatre repertory politics is based mostly on ensemble productions, total lack of international guest performances aside from festivals, and the inability to differentiate between educational, informational and development programs. This inevitably resulted in centralization of theatre scene, in which the hierarchy of importance of individual events is formed on contextual or budgetary support from theatrical institutions or financing parties.

The CDU strives to open up new possibilities for the breakthrough of serious performative thought and action into those areas that do not expect their surfacing. Under “serious” we mean the indispensable nature of individual performances, projects, concepts and opinions, and by “surfacing” a protuberance into the static staging of the Croatian art scene.

Coordinators and Programme Managers– Karla Crnčević, Mario Kikaš
Film Programme Selector –
Expert Associates – Lukša Benić, Orsat Franković, Ivana Ivković, Ana Opalić, Mila Pavićević, Luko Piplica
Public Relatioships – Vedrana Bibić
Administrator and Producer – Matija Prica
Graphic Design – Orsat Franković, Mate Žaja
Webmaster – Tomislav Bali
Technical Support – Žarko Dragojević i Maroje Sardelić