Vidi ja ti nea / Would you look at her

Goran Stolevski (MK) 2017., igrani / fiction 18’30”

In the way she carries herself, 18-year-old Aneta barely differs from the boys. Because of this and an uncomfortable cell phone recording doing the rounds, she and her only friend are mocked as “lesbians”. This destroys their friendship. Meanwhile, Aneta also has to deal with family problems. Her father is slowly losing his battle with cancer. When his TV breaks down, his suffering seems to increase. Aneta comes up with an idea. She has to convince the village priest to let her participate in a centuries-old all-male church ritual. If allowed to take part, she will have to battle the savage high school bullies. The prizes range from the spiritual (good health and blessings) to the lucrative (a brand new flat screen).